Wine growers in Cupramontana since 1959

A group that believes in itself and is devoted to quality and excellence, with a strong passion for wine growing and wines, combining traditional knowledge with unfailing innovation.


This story talks about the passion for wine-growing. The result of the unfailing commitment of people who show every day their devotion and belief in all that they do.

At the initiative of 19 farmers, the Colonnara Cooperative was established in 1959. The perfect micro-climate found in the hills of the Marches encouraged the cultivation of Verdicchio vines, which over the centuries have become the pride of these lands. The company has now 110 members and, thanks to the use of innovative technology and environmentally-sustainable farming techniques, it has developed a range of products featuring high quality still and sparkling wines which are distributed throughout Italy and abroad. According to local tradition, fine wines are produced in the vineyards and can only be developed in the cellar before being presented in the best possible way in bottles. The company has accepted this precious legacy uncompromisingly. The taste of tradition is an unceasing companion throughout the whole process of vinification: unfailing care when tending the vineyards and the cellars for ageing the wine, as well as designing the bottles that will grace our tables. An anthem praising the quality of our wines.


The perfect combination of tradition, a search for quality and a passion for one's work is what inspires the Colonnara philosophy and guides the Cooperative in its choices.


Great wines are never the result of coincidence: their creation always originates from the perfect combination of ideas and values representing the company's mission.

The development of the wines in our area and of our region, which enjoys certain characteristics that make it unique.

The ongoing search for the best in quality wines, deriving from the harmonious integration between regional characteristics and a set of rigorous choices, such as absolute respect for the natural balance in cultivating grape varieties and the application of traditional systems of vinification that ensure the absolute, natural quality of our products.

The invaluable assets provided by human resources, consisting of the cooperative members and a group of assistants, who are all fervently devoted to their work and take a constructive and active part in the life of the Cooperative.

The desire to continually improve our range of products so as to satisfy the requirements of all our customers.


The very heart of the Cooperative that encloses its essence and conserves the work performed in the vineyards, by developing the wines towards balance and refinement.


The atmosphere and the perfect micro-climate together with the experience of our cellar staff make the cellar area, where the wines are aged, a dwelling place for quality.

All the wines are left to rest in the ageing cellar to allow them to achieve the balance they need to reach the refinement required by our customers. This occurs thanks to the silence, soft lighting and constant micro-climate found in the cellar which make it the absolutely ideal environment for ageing quality products. Of course, this alone would not be enough if we could not count on the passion and expertise of the cellar workers like ours to tend and care for all the bottles on a daily basis using all the manual skills they have acquired. In fact, it is inside the wine ageing cellar that the so-called disgorgement process is performed. This manual process involves the removal of the lees after they have remained inside the bottle for years, in line with the traditional classic method. Visitors to our winery can often find themselves enjoying conversation with the workers, who perform this pleasing and important task, and sharing in the passion of craftsmen who contribute towards life's joys and pleasures.


The Marches soil and the micro-climate found along the right bank of the River Esino make the products that originate from the Cooperative's vineyards totally unique.


The Colonnara vineyards, covering around 120 hectares and managed by our 110 members, are situated in the oldest area devoted to the production of Verdicchio grapes.

The micro-climate which varies from area to area, the differing altitude of the vineyards (ranging from 350 to 650m a.s.l.) and the various soil compositions represent the considerable assets of the Colonnara Winery that cannot be found anywhere else and so are unique.

In particular, the location of the Colonnara vineyards on the right bank of the River Esino means that they are more significantly influenced by the Apennines in Umbria and the Marches compared to the vineyards situated on the left bank. They are found at higher altitudes than the latter and consequently the grapes mature more slowly and therefore preserve their acidity characteristics. This, in turn, means that the wine can age over a longer period.


The ongoing search for quality, documented by a whole array of certificates, combines with knowledge and experience to give life to a range of extraordinary products.


Colonnara is always very careful to ensure the quality of its products and work processes. For over 10 years now, the company has been certified with the international Quality System ISO 9001:2008.