A soft drink grape juice
"sparkling" 100% organic.

ICEMARY is a soft drink grape juice "sparkling" 100% organic.The sparkling Zero Alchool Colonnara, white and rosè, combines the elegant taste of a bubble drink to the freedom of drinking lightly. Icemary matchers, in fact all the flavours of a true Italian sparkling wine in a totally alcool-free product. For an elegant, light and unique pleasure. It is a symbol of both the tradition of COLONNARA in the field of sparkling wine making and the desire for innovation that have always characterized the cooperative.

ICEMARY is produced only with selected organig grapes cultivated on the famous Italian hills in full respect of the most ancient wine –making traditions of our country. The result is a product whit a fresh taste mado of delicated and harmonics notes that spoil the palate.

ICEMARY is fit for everyone, for children, teetotals, pregnant women and everybody how loves grapes. Icemary in a sparkling grapes juice that allow to feels again the old sensations of the must in moder social and friendly moment, from happy hour, to family party, from children birthday party to coffee brack at work.

It can be enjoyed in its purity or used as a base in the preparation of delicious cocktail.



  • Icemary Special Sparkling

    Category: Sparkling
    Glass: Champagne Cup
    • 2/10 Cranberry Syrup
    • 8/10 Organic Sparkling Grape Icemary Colonnara

    Make a cold cranberry syrup in a mixing glass, then pour in the cup and fill with cold Sparkling Icemary Colonnara. Decorate with cranberries.

  • Pearl Fruit Long Drink

    Category: Long Drink
    Glass: Long Drink Glass
    • 2/10 Pineapple juice
    • 2/10 Grapefruit juice
    • 1/10 Orange juice
    • 1/10 Cranberry Syrup
    • 4/10 Organic Sparkling Grape Juice Icemary Colonnara

    Shake the first four ingredients, pour the contents without filtering in Long Drink glass, fill with Sparkling Grape Juice Icemary Colonnara. Garnish with a skewer made of half a slice of orange, half a slice of lemon and a cherry red. Serve with straw and stir.

  • Carlo Number One medium drink

    Category: Medium drink for all hours
    Glass: Old Fashioned
    2/10 Grapefruit juice
    1/10 Strawberry syrup
    1/10 Lemon juice
    6/10 Organic Sparkling Grape Juice Icemary Colonnara

    Mix with four crystalline ice cubes in the old fashioned glass. Garnish with half a slice of orange, lemon peel, half a strawberry, red cherry and a sprig of mint.Serve with short straw and stir.


Icemary Rosè