The Disgorgement during Cantine Aperte 2011

At the Open Wineries 2011 event, Colonnara’s guests have had the opportunity to witness firsthand the so called Degorgement (or disgorgement), a true ritual in the working of the classic method sparkling wines.

When there were not modern equipments, the technicians carried the process trough the ‘dégorgement à la volée’: the bottle was uncorked and due to the pressure, it splashed out the remaining lees formed under the cap, then promptly Insert the stopper the bottle.
Today at Colonnara, this process is still carried out manually for producing our great classic method Verdicchio sparkling wines. In fact, each bottle is manually cleaned by its lees through the so called remuage and through the manual disgorgement, after having frozen the sparkling wine and the leess contained in the neck of the bottle. Once opened, this cylinder of ice with the lees is ejected thanks to the high pressure of the bottle and the product is definitely clean.
At this point the wine is topped with a wine and sugar syrup (liqueur d'expedition, the secret recipe of each classic method sparkling wine). The amount of sugar determines the organoleptic characteristics of the sparkling wine, which is then closed with the traditional natural cork.