Ubaldo Rosi the Ferrari of the sparkling wines

Another important recognition for our Spumante Metodo Classico Riserva Ubaldo Rosi has come from the beautiful review of the guide to sparkling wines of Italy "Bollicine d'Italia 2012" by Gambero Rosso.

Listed among the great sparkling wines from regions of Italy famous worldwide for their tradition and quality of products, our sparkling wine Verdicchio DOC Ubaldo Rosi, is described as "the Ferrari of sparkling wines made in Marche."
"Limited amount of bottles -says the guide- put on the market only on excellent vintages, great evolutionary potential. The 2005 version is very fine, balmy, whispered in his 'chiaroscuro' and deep taste."Not to mention that, conludes ironically the guide to highlight the extraordinary relationship between quality and price of the product, "fortunately, the price is not the same as the famous Maranello-built cars."For Colonnara this is satisfaction for the work aimed at creating products that has long been ranked among the leaders of central Italy in the production of quality sparkling.

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