Cuvée Tradition
Vino Spumante Brut Metodo Martinotti Verdicchio Doc Biologico

The first sparkling wine produced by Colonnara in 1970, also a Verdicchio DOC. A wine which every year preserves and expresses the appeal of a first production which knows the meaning of renewal, starting with the special label.

Verdicchio (native).

Delicate floral scents of acacia and mimosa, yellow flowers and fruity notes of almond and peach.


Dry, quite warm with alcohol, quite soft, notable freshness and delicate sapidity.


An excellent appetiser, this wine is the perfect accompaniment for delicately structured dishes, such as boiled shellfish dressed with mayonnaise, seafood, fried olives cooked “all’ascolana” and mixed fry “all’italiana”, tuna and legume salads, cold pasta and rice salads.

Champagne flute glass of medium height