Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Doc Classico

With such a name, whoever tastes this wine is led along an all-embracing path of melodies and harmonies, so suitable for a first encounter with Verdicchio. Lyricus is the only Colonnara brand wine also “dressed in red”, like the Rosso Piceno, with parallel labels that can decorate one's table with fine elegance.

Verdicchio (native)

Scents of fresh fruit (green apple, grapefruit, kiwi), delicate and elegant floral expression of acacia, broom, mimosa and vegetal notes of celery and sage.


Average structure, fresh, sapid with a good balance.


Seafood starters, boiled shellfish, first course pasta dishes with white seafood sauce or vegetables, boiled fish in a delicate sauce, white pan-fried fish with olive oil, rosemary and the same wine, white meats. Medium matured cheeses without marbling, goat’s cheese, raw pork salted meat of any kind in general, omelettes with mushrooms and herbs.

Full-bodied white wines glass, 10-12°C