Rosso Piceno Doc

A smooth and melodious red Piceno DOC , with silky-smooth notes perfect for everyday menus and enlivening happy moments with friends. Lyricus is the only Colonnara brand wine, also produced as a Verdicchio DOC with parallel labels that can decorate one's table with fine elegance.

Montepulciano and Sangiovese

Intense, quite persistent, fruity with scents of morel, mature peach and plun.


Dry, warm and quite soft and fresh, sapid, sufficiently tannic.


When young: with first course pasta dishes with minced pork and giblets sauce, “raw and cooked” pork salted meat of any kind, bean, chickpea and lentil soups, polenta with sausage, grilled meat, fowl cooked on a skewer or on the grill. When aged: more structured dishes such as oven cooked pork second courses, roast beef and fowl cooked in a pan or in the oven with oil and aromas, non-spicy, medium seasoned sheep’s cheeses.

Young red wines glass, 16-18° C