Verdicchio DOC Passito

A "passito" (strong, sweet wine) which embraces the essence of Verdicchio, bearing the most sacred elements of what is sacred: this is why its name derives from the expression Sancta Sanctorum The Vino Passito comes from the processing of grapes left late on the vine, which preserve merely the pure essence of the Verdicchio grapes, which are then slowly fermented in small oak casks.

Verdicchio (native)

Rich with persistent sweet tones of exotic candied fruit, peaches in syrup, apricot in alcohol, dried fruit and honey, with a slight final delica tely vegetal and spicy touch that recalls vanilla.


Moderately sweet, soft and velvety with a well-sustained balance, good freshness and sapidity. Leaves a long aftertaste of delicately toasted dried fruit and sweet spices on the palate.


Small pastries, oven baked cakes with cream, tarts with yellow syrup coated fruit or dry fruit in general, apple tart, biscuits in general. Bowl of foie-gras worked with the same wine, traditional cheese-based desserts from the region, reasonably matured and spicy cheeses.

Glass for sweet wines with a border that is not flared