Lacrima di Morro D'Alba DOC

The Lacrima is grown on the hills surrounding the village of Morro d'Alba. This grape takes its name from a peculiarity connected with its berries, which, when mature, release drops of grape juice that falls into the ground. The ancient origins of this vine, which was traditionally grown with elms and maplesdate back to the twelfth century, when Frederick Barbarossa in 1167 besieged the city of Ancona and chose the castle of Morro d'Alba as his home. So he had the occasion to taste this precious red wine, which was a known product even then.

Lacrima (native)

Characteristic, persistent and intense, with a strong prevalence of fruits of the forest.


Very typical, dry, sapid with a pleasant smoothness and harmonious taste-smell.


First courses with red sauces and ragù;particularly spiced and flavoured meat-based main courses; thanks to its particular aromatic characteristics, it can also be enjoyed alone.

Medium size wine glass for young reds, 16-18°C